Reasons that will make you move to London

London has always been criticized for being a very expensive city to live in and is also not as cool as places like New York and Berlin, yet according to a new poll released, one out of six people around the world want to move to this place. There are a lot of reasons that people want to move here.
The entire city is loaded with creativity so if you wish to get into singing, acting, photography, designing, writing etc. you can probably make your mark here. It is also amongst the best places relating to the music. From open mic to club nights and gigs to sold out performances, there is something in the house every year. It is even easier to visit abroad for any of your weekend plans.
London has turned around to be amongst the most creative and innovative places for cooking and food around the globe. It is loaded with new cafes, restaurants, food photographers, bloggers and cookery schools that are continuously rephrasing the good food notion. Coffee is also extremely amazing at this place.
You also get to have excellent educational opportunities as although Cambridge and Oxford are outside the fair capital, there are certainly good 43 universities like LSE, Central St Martins etc. The most fascinating part is that you need not have to travel to other places because London itself is loaded with a number of tourist spots and attractions.
Another thing that will surely make you to pack your bags and move to this outstanding place is that you can get all your private desires realized as there are so many escort agencies that offer hot London escorts services. So what are you waiting for? Plan a shift and get all you need at just one place!